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New Patient MD’s customized approach to training your staff to convert callers into made and kept appointments, generates more patients that pay, stay, & refer – because people are your best marketing.

Onsite Training

Leverage the power of your team to engage patients and professional referral sources on a human level


Convert Inquiries Into Made & Kept Appointments


Physician Liaison Training & Internal Marketing Strategy


Optimize Your Patient Experience & Boost Acceptance Rates

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Patients that pay

Typically marketing means regurgitated ‘best – practices’ – success defined by number of clicks or calls produced. We guage success by patients that actually come in for appointments.

Patients that Stay

When taking care of people is your business, empowering your employees with the skills and protocols to be brand ambassadors is the best way to ensure success.

Patients that refer

Organizations that fail to integrate their staff into their practice growth strategy — especially in the digital world where opinions and ‘likes’ are currency — are destined to fail.

Training Your Staff

Marketing only makes the phone ring, it doesn’t get patients in the door, to accept treatment, or refer their friends and family — let alone leave a positive online review.

That is where leveraging the power of your team members to engage your patients and professional referral sources turns marketing into patient-engagement, a key paradigm shift producing an average new patient increase of over 41.2% for our clients.


41.2% Avg. Increase in New Patients

occuring within first 3 months

I’d rather train my people and have them leave, than not train them and have them stay.

- Henry Ford

Staff Training Results

  • repeat clients 84% 84%
  • Clients received from referrals 95% 95%
  • Our passion for healthcare 100% 100%

You’ve invested too much in your loyal staff and marketing your practice to risk losing potential patients when prospects call for the first time, visit your office for their initial consultation, or even when your physician liaison goes out in the field to cultivate professional referrals.

New Patient MD’s proprietary training systems for training your office staff ––and keeping them trained –– combine current market research, cutting-edge studies on human behavior, employee engagement and company culture, business strategy, and even the science of why prospects decide to ‘buy’.

The Numbers

We’re good because we’re selective

Years Revolutionizing Healthcare

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What Types of Practices Do you Work With?

From primary care to specialty practices both large and small. But what really gets us fired up is working with the underdog practices that are competing against the large healthcare monopolies. We think it’s important to have competition in medicine and the only true way for patients to win.

Are Your Trainings One-Size Fits All?

No. Just like every patient is different, so are the needs of each and every healthcare organization in which we partner. We custom craft our training programs and the included on-going support to optimize your ROI.

How Do We Get Started?

We love working with healthcare organizations that believe what we believe. Give us a ring to learn more about why we do what we do and understand why we choose not to accept just anyone as a client.

After discussing if we are a good fit to work together and we choose to accept you as a client, we will proceed with a custom scope of work (SOW).

New Patient MD has put our medical office administration training to the test with hundreds of medical practices across the United States. We focus on your people as your marketing asset. We equip your team with the necessary techniques and follow-through protocols to be revenue producers.

The result? Healthcare & Aesthetic practices who work with us see an average 41.2% increase in new customers within the first 3 months without changing their current marketing strategy.

Some partners

We focus on longterm client relationships

If you had told me that my practice would be up 444 more new patients over this same time last year, I would have said no way. Just by having npMD train my team to optimize the initial contact with patients over the phone, that’s where we are and it is only June!

Dr. Chris Charon, MD

Medical Director, Charon Sinus Center

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