On a mission to inspire healthcare organizations to achieve their greatest business potential through patient-engagement marketing.


Since everyone is here to make a dent in the universe, we’ve chosen to make ours in healthcare; specifically helping transform very good practices into very successful practices from the inside out. But the first thing we have to do is reshape the way providers think about and do what some call “marketing”.

Today, healthcare marketing is a sequence of regurgitated ‘best-practices’ with results defined by the number of clicks or phone calls produced.

Best case, marketing makes the phone ring, but it does NOT get patients in the door or to become your brand zealots or ‘walking billboards’. That requires something that’s often missing. In this age of informed, educated patients, our communication strategy must engage your sophisticated consumers on a human level, from the start.


Patient-Engagement. We believe Patient-Engagement Marketing (PEM) is the new hot spot in the evolution of healthcare marketing. It leads to a comprehensive approach to patient-practice interaction that enhances care and makes it natural for patients to pay, stay, and refer. After all, how we treat patients, before and even after they’re patients, is far more powerful than anything we can say to them.

‘Marketing’ MUST be a human activity – when it is infused with human potential and emotional capital it’s something more evolved: Patient-Engagement.

It’s a new world for medical practices. And a new world demands a new conversation.

Why we do it

We believe your healthcare organization’s greatest leverage point for revenue growth is your staff

what we do

Equip and empower your staff with skills and techniques to be revenue producers for your practice

how we do it

Medical staff onsite training and ongoing support that inspires patients to pay, stay, and refer

Zac Wright

President + Founder + Speaker

Zac Wright has spent his entire career perfecting strategies to generate new patients for healthcare organizations across the united states and even Australia. Zac’s unapologetic passion for inspiring healthcare organizations to achieve their potential through patient-practice communications and patient-centric care make him one of the top key-note speakers in healthcare today.

Ranging from primary care to specialty practices including ENT’s, gastroenterologists, the aesthetics industry and more, Zac has seen it all since starting New Patient MD in 2010.

Through his proprietary and forensic approach, which combines current market research, cutting-edge studies on human behavior and business strategy, Zac guides the expert team at NEW Patient MD, whose clients achieve dramatically higher new patient numbers, case acceptance rates, word-of-mouth referrals, professional referrals, staff efficiency, doctor productivity and greater patient satisfaction.

Zac Wright

Zac Wright

President + Founder + Speaker

speaking engagements

Zac has been a featured speaker at healthcare organization confrences around the world