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Phone Skills Training

Markeitng generates phone calls. It doesn’t get new patients in your office, to accept treatment, or even refer their friends and family. Boost your top line revenue converting the qualified prospects already calling.


Convert Inquiries Into Made & Kept Appointments

value of a new patient


If your average revenue per new patient is $3,000, losing just one potential patient per week when they call your office or fail to convert into an established patient is $150,000 lost revenue a year. That’s why your team’s phone skills are critical to building your healthcare organization from the inside.

$3,000 avg revenue / New patient

$150,000 Lost Revenue / Year


Over 50% of potential new patient calls fail to generate any revenue? Our custom on-site training program, Patient-Centric Scheduling and included ongoing support and staff accountability will give your staffers the skills & motivation they need to pack your schedule… BEGINNING THE VERY NEXT DAY.


Converting just one or two callers into new patients completely pays for the training program. That is an almost immediate Return On Investment with just the first few patients. But with an average new patient increase of over 40% in just the first 3 months, our clients are seeing revenue increases far beyond their initial investment.

Our Process

Examine + Diagnose + Treatment + Remedy

1. Examine

We start by auditing your inbound tracking lines or mystery calling your office to see what your staff is doing right and also identify how they are inadvertently turning away qualified patient leads.

2. Diagnose

We use these audit reports as the basis to custom craft an initial onsite training in your office and the ongoing support period that includes training materials and follow-up virtual trainings.

3. Treatment

Starts as intensive and engaging full-day seminar with one of our expert marketing trainers that takes care of all the implementation for you. We educate your staff on better, more effective ways to handle tough procedural, price, and insurance-based questions so they successfully convert MORE first-time callers into MADE & KEPT new patient appointments.

4. Remedy

Our proprietary process is a lifestyle change, not ‘set-it-forget-it’. Included with the training are orientation guides, workbooks, support materials, and more custimizations depending on your team’s specific needs. In addition to these materials and the onsite training, your team will receive ongoing auditng, feedback, and even individual virtual trainings for months after the onsite.