Medical Staff Training Solutions

In Practice Profitabilty Starts Here

Training Benefits

patient satisfaction

Positive feedback and digital reputation gets a boost by empowering staff to deliver on your brand promise.

treatment acceptance

More revenue starts well before patients enter your office and is impacted by patient experience.

professional referrals

Growing your referral base with a skilled physician liaison and sleek collateral is easy and makes a huge difference. 


Word-of-mouth referrals are ‘low-hanging’ fruit and starts with implementing a ‘Gold-Standard’ patient experience.

staff accountability

Even the best people can benefit from a little accountability through performance analytics and auditing.

employee emgagement

It is amazing what an incentives program can mean for your corporate culture and overall team perfromance. 

The Value of Training

Because the key to rapid, yet strategic long-term growth is an unremitting deluge of new patients, click to expand the graph below to estimate what just a few more new patients per month would mean for your healthcare organization’s profits.

average lifetime value

Calculate this by dividing your gross collections from a specific time period (ex. 12 or 6 months) by the number of new patients seen in that same time period. Although the metric accounts for all gross revenue, even from existing patients, it establishes an approximate lifetime average value of a new patient for your practice.

new patient increase

Next, horizontally across the top of the graph is the number of more new patients you can reasonably expect based on our client’s average new patient increase of over 40% within the first 3 months of implementing our proven, pragmatic, metric driven approach to new patient generation.

value of more new patients

Finally, where your average lifetime revenue and monthly new patient goal increase intersect, is what just a few more new patients per month would mean to your top-line revenue at the end of the year. OR, if your staff is not sufficiently trained  where those numbers intersect is how much you are losing each year!

Training solutions


Convert Inquiries Into Made & Kept Appointments


Optimize Your Patient Experience & Boost Acceptance Rates


Physician Liaison Training & Internal Marketing Strategy